October World Tournament: Highlights and strategies

Published by: renaud.joly

The Eurasian finals opposed Mokkla to Gital. The first match was a classic Aidel versus Murrakah. Gital managed to keep his Aidel alive, grabbing a nice attack boost that made her impossible to stop even for Murrakah. For the second match, Mokkla changed his strategy bringing Nia to the battle while Gital abandoned Aidel for Murrakah. Gital managed to take the first item, giving an attack boost to his Murakkah leading a strong push composed of Sharkkus Hunters, Racconian Rangers and Gliptos Chargers. The last match was a battle of Murrakahs! Mokkla went for a more tanky champion in reaction to the team composition of Gital. They both went for the early extra rations and sent a first wave of troopers: Gliptos Chargers, Rapanossan Hexers and Racconian Rangers on Gital's side and Rapanossan Warriors, Gliptos Totemists and Raconnian Rangers on Mokkla's side. Gital's offensive team build paid off and Rapanossan Hexers gave him a good advantage by cutting down the regeneration rate of his enemy's champion: He managed to take down the other Murrakah first and won the third match. Gital won the 3 matches and made his place to the World Finals!

Watch the replay of the Eurasia finals:

October edition of our World tournament featured Nohavenameiwant (representing North America) and Maxi (representing South America) fighting for the America champion spot. On the first match, Nohavenameiwant picked Fainuke: A very scary pick since he has made himself famous in the community for his high skills playing this champion. The first battle happened under the Watchtower of Nohavenamiwant: Maxi's Sharkkus Hunters were not strong enough to take down Fainuke, protected by mass disguise. He picked the ring of might that gave an attack boost to its troopers, which was enough for a strong push back. Maxi did a good job defending his Guardian Tower but was not able to defeat Fainuke which accumulated stacks and led Nohavenamiwant to the victory. Maxi brought Aidel to his second and third match. Unfortunately, Fainuke is known to be the best counter of Aidel. Nohavenameiwant took advantage of the night time when Aidel does not have her healing aura to take her down. his strategy led him to the victory and Nohavenamiwant moved forward to the World Finals.

Watch the replay of the Americas finals:

On the first match of the World Finals, Gital played very offensively with Murakkah, harassing Nohavenameiwant's Fainuke to prevent him from accumulating stacks. This strategy, along with a strong line of Sharkkus hunters, Rapanossan Warriors and Racconian Rangers completely surprised Nohavenamiwant who lost the first match. Nohavenameiwant changed his strategy and surprisingly abandoned Fainuke for Mervada for the second match. He used Mervada to tank in the frontline while Racconian Rangers and Rapanossan Hexers damaged Gital's troopers. This efficient combination allowed him to win the second match. On the third match, Gital used Murrakah to aggressively destroy the Raconnian Rangers / Rapanossan Hexers backline while a combination of Gliptos Chargers and Rapanossan Hexers harassed Mervada. This strategy allowed Gital to win for a second time. For the 4rth match, Nohavenameiwant brought back Fainuke to the fight. Gital, knowing that Fainuke with stacks would become a deadly threat harassed him with Murakkah. He used its Q ability and the picking ability to interrupt Fainuke to cast any single attack. Gital showed lots of skills in maintaining his champion alive: both of us showed us an intense game for the first place. This 3rd victory gave Gital the title of World Champion!

Watch the replay of the World Finals:

Congratulations to Gital, our October World Champion! Special thanks to all the contestants of our October World Tournament! More events will be announced soon, be sure to not miss them by joining our Discord official group