New version of game available!

Published by: Aryal

The project itself has been completely reworked, it's mostly an internal job, but you will see some changes as for example :
  • Graphic improvement
  • Better fluidity in casting spells
  • Better animations
  • the spell structure has been revisited, they can now be cast from other spells.
  • Less load time between scenes, the Database is loaded once at launch, then only the models 3D are loaded.
  • The enemies can have different levels on the same ground and their level can also evolve.
There are nevertheless some negatives on this version, but that I intend to correct thereafter:
  • The visible effect system on the floor is no longer visible in the same way.
  • The first desert terrain is not complete.
  • Some elements are missing on the graphical options, like the qualities of the shadows.
  • Some spells are less beautiful than before.
I have for the moment removed the epic and legendary pieces of the game, the equipment will be available again soon with an overall object system but also with powers specific to certain parts. The powers will be available to them later, between 1 to 3 months, with a system of creation of the particular spell to unlock them.