New Patch 1.0.2 and Thank You!

Against the Storm

A dark fantasy city builder where you must rebuild civilization in the face of apocalyptic rains. As the Queen’s Viceroy, lead humans, beavers, lizards, foxes, and harpies to reclaim the wilderness and secure a future for civilization's last survivors.

[img]{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/37925331/ce468fa1a21bb87b48acae3bfc2d38d982454293.png[/img] [h3][b]Greetings, Viceroys![/b][/h3] Thank you everyone for such a warm reception of the 1.0 version of Against the Storm! We are truly overwhelmed with your kindness and support. We welcome all the new players and wish you lots of fun on your Viceroy journey. We are grateful for all the feedback and reviews. Whether positive or negative, they help guide us in development and are enormously appreciated. As always, we’ve been monitoring your messages and reports across all channels and today we released a new patch that addresses the issues you’ve reported. Please find the full list of changes below. In the meantime, we’re also working on a small content update with new visual assets that we hope to release early next year. We’ll share some sneak peeks in the coming weeks. Stay tuned! [h2]Changelog[/h2] [h3]General improvements[/h3] [list][*] Deeds tied to reforging Seals are now automatically completed if players reforged a Seal before the “Guidance and Lore Update - Part 2” (October 26) which introduced new Deeds for reforging Ancient Seals. [*] (Steam Deck only) Input Auto Focus is now automatically disabled when playing on Steam Deck (to prevent the keyboard overlay from appearing without selecting a text box).[list][*] Important: This will only apply to new players. Existing players still have to disable the setting manually.[/list][*] Added a resource amount indicator to the tooltip that appears when hovering over a “sell goods” order objective.[/list] [h3]Bug fixes[/h3] [list][*] (PC Game Pass only) We have implemented a potential fix that should prevent progress from being reset when playing on PC Game Pass. However, to fix the issue with cloud saves, we were asked to change our save structure on PC Game Pass version of the game. Please check the dedicated article for more information and downloadable custom save files: [url=]PC Game Pass - Patch 1.0.2 - Save file issue manual[/url]. [*] Fixed a bug where the HUD would sometimes disappear when loading a tutorial game. [*] Fixed a rare bug that caused some Abandoned Caches to break the game's interface when interacted with. [*] Fixed a bug that caused some World Map tutorial text boxes to be displayed in the wrong order in the Spanish version of the game. [*] Fixed a bug that caused the game to not fail once the Grace Period countdown reached 0. [*] Fixed a bug where some upgrades in the Queen's Hand Trail were missing a tooltip. [*] Fixed a bug that allowed ghosts from the Cursed Royal Woodlands to spawn in a tutorial scenario. [*] Fixed a bug that allowed players to stack up valid failed attempts for free in the Queen's Hand Trial. [*] Fixed an issue with Timed Orders not being available in the Queen’s Hand Trial. [*] Fixed a bug that was incorrectly calculating game time in the Smoldering City game history screen. [*] Fixed a bug where the Japanese version of the game would sometimes show incorrect characters. [*] Fixed a bug where a Cookhouse blueprint was given as a reward for the Ruined Beanery. [*] Fixed a bug that caused the difficulty preview button in the Training Expeditions panel to not display a tooltip. [*] Fixed a bug where the short description of difficulty levels was not updated correctly in the Daily Expedition panel. [*] Fixed a bug that caused the description of the Roaming Swarm World Event to be displayed in Korean in the Japanese version of the game. [*] Fixed a bug that caused a portion of the decision tooltip to be missing in the Japanese version of the Brass Order Engineers world event. [*] Fixed an issue with spacing in multiple encyclopedia articles. [*] Fixed an issue with two buildings being translated into the same name in Japanese. [*] Fixed a broken