New Monsters Update!

HELLCARD: Prologue

HELLCARD: Prologue lets you try the main game's Singleplayer and Multiplayer modes. Descend into the paper dungeons on your own, recruit computer-controlled companions or join other gamers in fast-paced tactical card battles against the armies of darkness and the Archdemon himself!

Version 0.7.231207 - 7 Dec 2023 [list] [*] [b]New monster family: spiders[/b] [*] New monster mechanic: Web. Spiders can web cards. Playing a webbed card discards it, ending the webbed status but not triggering the regular card's effects [*] New influence: Frozen. The influence counter is distributed as temporarily increased mana costs among cards in the player's hand next turn [*] Moved Hellcard to a separate pedestal in the Launcher [*] Added Skip Launcher checkbox in options [*] Reworked save system to write in a separate thread. This should address the game's stuttering on slower hard drives [*] Increased XP rewards for finishing runs [*] Changed card progression for new players [*] New monster: Arachnid - the smallest spider without special features aside from 8 legs. [*] New monster: Arachnad - when killed, spawns 2 arachnids [*] New monster: Arachnod - webs a card that killed it [*] New monster: Corrupted Arachnod - a zombie spider with a rotten heart (Returns 1 damage when non-lethally hit) and poisonous attack (Unblocked damage adds a Poison Wound card to draw pile) [*] New monster: Arachnoleton - a skeleton spider that changes to a random skeleton when killed [*] New monster: Cool Crawler - a scorpion that gets a bonus block every time it is attacked. Its attacks add Frozen influence. [*] New monster: Hot Crawler - a scorpion that gets a bonus block every time it is attacked. Its attack adds Burn A Card influence causing the hero to draw fewer cards the next turn [*] New monster: Horror Crawler - a massive skorpion miniboss that doesn't take direct damage from cards when in the far range. It gets bonus strength when a monster is killed in it's map section [*] New monster: Wicked Longlegs - miniboss whose attacks webb a random card in the player's deck. [*] New monster: Arachgod - miniboss that spawns eggs for every monster killed in the current turn. After a couple of turns a random spider hatches from each spider egg [*] New monster: Shielded Skeleton - an improved version of a basic Skeleton Warrior that blocks itself. [*] New monster: Cool Skeleton - a skeleton warrior whose attacks add Frozen influence [*] New monster: Cool Archer - a skeleton archer whose attacks add Frozen influence [*] New monster: Horror Imp - a bigger imp that explodes with a bigger bang when killed [*] New monster: Slithering Bowman - ranged demon whose arrows make heroes draw fewer cards next turn (adding Burn A Card influence) [*] New monster: Mirage Lancer - a ghost that curses a hero that killed it, making them lose mana the next turn [*] New monster: Battering Flamegoat - a charging goat that attacks all heroes at once [*] New monster: Hungry Plant - a zombie plant that is linked with other plants on the battlefield and distributes its strength to them when killed [*] New monster: Shamanic Goat - a miniboss that strengthens a random monster each turn and when killed [*] New monster: Voracious Corpse - a zombie miniboss that strengthens other zombies when attacked [*] New monster: Horror Whopper - a skeleton miniboss that strengthens other monsters if not attacked this turn [*] New monster selection algorithm that makes runs more cohesive, increasing the chance for monsters from families you have already met during that particular run [*] QoL: Added Fanny Pack icon to stashed cards [*] Added VO when heroes get hit or die [*] Added or improved visual effects of some cards [*] Added VFX and SFX when the hero receives an artifact [*] Added communication bubbles queue [*] Added character change functionality to Endless mode [*] Fixed misleading Garbage Day card description [*] Fixed character creates exclamation mark always showing [*] Fixed influence counter size when large UI is enabled [*] Fixed Hearteater bonus when using Bolt Hell [*] Fixed Initiative card when targeting monsters without intent [*] Fixed some options' descriptions [*] Fixed location buttons too long text issue [*] Fixed Jar of Pickles giving mana more than once per turn [*] Fixed double HP loss when using Bookmark + Burrito [*] Fixed player's hand sometimes showing for a split second when taking gem reward after battle [/list]