Multiplayer Bugs Fixed

December 14, 2020 IronZog Community Announcements
In the week since Puzzle Together was released, over 1000 puzzles have been completed! Players all over the world have been putting the game through its paces, and while it's usually worked fine a few major multiplayer bugs were reported. These have been fixed with today's update. These bugs have been fixed:
  • When some players would move a puzzle piece to any position on the table, anyone else playing with them would instead see the pieces they move pile up in the center of the mat. It turned out that this bug only affected players in countries where decimal numbers are written with a comma, like "3,14" rather than "3.14". The game wasn't prepared to interpret numbers in that format, and so would consider them all to be position zero -- the center of the mat!
  • Sometimes when a large group of pieces was connected together (but not yet placed in their final position on the mat), moving that group would cause a player to be booted from the server. There were actually two separate issues that could cause this problem, and both have now been fixed.
While the biggest bugs may now be behind us, no doubt there will be others that show up now and then. If you run into a bug, please post about it in the discussion forum, including as much detail as possible. Thank you, and have fun puzzling!