More In-game Tutorials Coming Soon for the July 1.3 Build

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For this month's build 1.2 June update: * 8 in-game tutorials added (a lot more to come). * A louder notification beep for exercise changes added. * Single Side Steps exercise added. * Resting sprites re-animated. * New splash screen added. * 'Muscles used' diagram added to the tutorial format. * Further improved the initial sprite loading smoothness. The content in Boot Camp Fitness is already at the 32 bit game 2GB RAM loading limit. So, I will work on implementing an external loading system to load all songs from the playlist from an external folder - thereby freeing up valuable room to add a lot more content. Once again, thank you everyone for all your suggestions for improvements to the game, which are slowly but surely being implemented. For next month's 1.3 July build I will concentrate on adding an external loading system and also more tutorials. I will not stop adding tutorials until there is a tutorial for every exercise. Here is a screenshot of one of the tutorials (a tutorial button will appear for exercises with tutorials): Day by Day Activity Since Build 1.1 15/5/20 - Build 1.1 released. 16/5/20 - Re-read all player feedback/suggestions + trying to fix game engine glitch. 17/5/20 - New splash screen added (in line with the game's new colour scheme). 18/5/20 - Single Side Steps lower body exercise added. 19/5/20 - Tutorial button added + testing. 22/5/20 - Mock tutorial template made and tested. 23/5/20 - Searching for any corrupt files that may be causing bug in game engine project. 24/5/20 - Searching through build logs and UI log for any clues on the bug hunt. 25/5/20 - Submitted bug report to Gamemaker. 27/5/20 - Research + working on 'Muscles Used' diagram for tutorials. 28/5/20 - Working on 'Muscles Used' diagram cont. 29/5/20 - Made Push Ups Tutorial. 30/5/20 - Found the glitch! Which was a 2 GB RAM usage limit for building 32 bit games. 31/5/20 - Push Ups tutorial added. 1/5/20 - Resting sprites re-animated and put into game. 2/5/20 - Improved initial sprite loading further by declaring the playlist array at screen start up + louder notification beep for exercise changes added. 3/5/20 - Wide Grip Push Ups tutorial added + research. 7/5/20 - Push Up Plank tutorial added + research. 8/5/20 - Squats tutorial added + research. 9/5/20 - Half Squats tutorial added + research. 10/5/20 - Bridges tutorial added + research. 11/5/20 - Bridge Hold tutorial added + research. 13/5/20 - Squat Hold tutorial added + research. 14/5/20 - Build testing. 15/5/20 - Boot Camp Fitness 1.2 released. Have a great day :) Kevin