More Exercises on the Way in the Next Update Planned for Early May.

Community Announcements
11th April 2020 Boot Camp Fitness Released in Early Access First of all, it will be a pleasure and a lot of fun working with you to make this game even better. Thank you for your interest in this game. I will read every comment or review and consider all suggestions carefully. This game will most likely be in Early Access mode for about a year, where more and more exercises will be added and also improvements to the game. More Exercises Are On The Way Any bugs / issues that you find will be given top priority and I will try my best to remedy them ASAP. For the 1.1 update that is planned for early May, next month, I will concentrate efforts on two main areas: a) More exercises to make workouts even more varied. b) The initial exercise (animated sprite) is causing a slight performance hit, making the initial exercise (after the 10 second count down) in the first 1 or 2 seconds, a little glitchy as it loads up. I plan to improve upon this by pre-loading the initial exercise sprite. Please tell me what you like and don't like about the game, so that I can improve upon the current version even more. Any suggestions for improvements? Or have you come across any bugs? We can shape this game based upon feedback as to how good you expect this game to be. I invite you to put your suggestions or constructive criticism in reviews or in comments on the Boot Camp Community page, or to post your results up, or a screenshot of ranks & unlocks you are achieving or anything else fun. Stay safe, Kevin