Let Him Cook - SPICY Demo Update

Let Him Cook

Let Him Cook is a top-down action survivor roguelike where you play as a food industry professional fighting in the ultimate bullet heaven arena. Crush, squash, and mash all kinds of live food puns with a variety of kitchen utensils!

Hello everyone, this is a major update that has gone live with LOTS of new features and content. This update brings us one step closer to the complete demo and [b]Early Access[/b] is now currently being developed: [b]New and final 5th character:[/b] The Busser [b]New Assistants:[/b] Turret Assistant (Julia), Crazy Assistant (Craig), Calm Assistant (Calvin), Banker Assistant (Nobu) [b]New Weapons:[/b] Blowtorch and Scooper [b]New Enemies:[/b] The Cabbage [b]New Endless Mode[/b] You now have the ability to SAVE AND RESUME RUNS outside of the main game Added a small meta progression for unlocking characters Thank you all for the support. All feedback is welcome! Tell us what you think in our [url=https://discord.com/invite/VmhJ4QcESe][b]Discord[/b][/url] Manny Feliciano, Head Chef [i]Also, check out our new trailer[/i] ;) [previewyoutube=ZCFRAZl0hJg;full][/previewyoutube]