Join us in the Enchanted Adventure Update!

Disney Dreamlight Valley

Explore a world filled with the magic of Disney as you discover rich stories and build the perfect neighborhood alongside Disney and Pixar heroes and villains in this new life-sim adventure game. Welcome to Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Hey Valley Villagers! We are just past the one-year anniversary milestone of [i]Disney Dreamlight Valley[/i]’s launch! This community – and your Valleys! – have grown into incredibly magical places to be a part of. Thank you for joining us on this journey. And the adventure has only just begun! The year is not over yet, so look out for more new and familiar stories to explore in the Valley! [previewyoutube=TGjusKg-efs;full][/previewyoutube] [h2]A new Realm door opens![/h2] Featured in our original key art and trailer, Belle is finally making her way to the Valley – along with Beast! Of course, before welcoming this magical duo, you’ll need to help them reunite through a series of quests in the Enchanted Castle, which exists just beyond the Beauty and the Beast Realm Door. We recommend you don your best furniture-inspired outfit and avoid the West Wing. [h2]Welcome Belle and Beast[/h2] Once you invite Belle and Beast to your Valleys, you’ll embark on new adventures with each of them. So, what will this enchanting duo get up to once in the Valley? Well, in the case of the former – Belle is on a mission to find a new book, of course! Journey along with Belle to discover the rich and exciting written histories of the Valley. As for Beast? Well, he could use a confidence booster. Help him look his beastly-best and plan a romantic date with Belle! [h2]Don’t forget about The Forgotten[/h2] While many have already completed the main storyline, The Forgotten’s story is far from over! Once you’ve finished the main questline of Disney Dreamlight Valley, you’ll unlock a short series of quests with The Forgotten to discover more about them and help reintegrate them into the Valley. [h2]Haunted Holiday Star Path[/h2] [img]{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/42317391/0e0c6ff365087fcab07be222744944d25d98d878.png[/img] Prepare for plenty of frights and delights in this season’s new Star Path! Trick and treat yourself to various items and cosmetics inspired by Disney’s [i]Hocus Pocus[/i], [i]Pirates of the Caribbean[/i], Tim Burton’s [i]The Nightmare Before Christmas[/i], and Disneyland’s The Haunted Mansion. The Premium Shop will also get an assortment of new items! Don’t forget to participate in our ongoing DreamSnaps challenges to win Moonstones each week and unlock new and exclusive rewards. [h2]Ursula’s Transformation Dream Bundle[/h2] [img]{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/42317391/df78ea40ddc81f8bf8ac67bc32e7e1f9ab42af22.png[/img] Pond hopping no more – Ursula has finally found her land-legs as Vanessa! Nevertheless, like a fish out of water, she may need some help adjusting to her new form. Fans who purchase her optional Dream Bundle and equip her Vanessa Dream Style will join her on an adventure full of mischief, magic, and maybe stealing a few other characters' voices. It is Ursula, after all! Fans who complete her new questline will gain an assortment of new cosmetic items and furniture – including her iconic Nautilus Pendant Necklace! [h2]Halloween returns to the Valley once more![/h2] Trick-or-treaters delight! Our candy event is returning to the Valley. From October 24th to November 1st, scour your Plazas for colorful candy buckets to unlock Dreamlight duties and their respective prizes. If you participated last year, you’ll still be able to pick up candy buckets – because who doesn’t love a sweet treat? [h2]Community Based Changes[/h2] It’s already been one whole year of content influenced by you, our amazing Community! And we’re not stopping there. Here’s a short list of just some of the changes brought to the game, inspired by players like you: [list] [*] Your Valley friends are back to their chatty selves! Characters will occasionally have speech bubbles appear as they talk to one another. [*] Pouch items added to Scrooge Shop rotation. It was never our intention to have some items only available through pink pouches – this bug has been resolved, and you can expect to see items previously found only in pouches (like the coveted Wooden Fruit Stand!) appear on Scrooge’s shelves. [*] More bang for your buck! Gone are the days of only crafting 1 path or fence – you’ll now receive more pathing and fencing pieces for your crafting materials. [/list] We’ve also been busy behind the scenes the taking care of commonly reported bugs and issues. For a full list of what has been included in this Update, please see [url=]HERE[/url]. Should you run into any issues while playing Disney Dreamlight Valley, we first recommend that you check out our known issues [url=]HERE[/url]. If you don’t see the issue you’re running into, you can get in touch with our Support team via [url=]our contact form[/url]. Running into issues with a certain quest or objective? Check out our [url= ]friendly Discord Community for[/url] some Disney Dreamlight Valley tips and tricks!