Introducing Warkestra


Warkestra is a voice command survival action game where you can use your own words and voice to command your troops that understand your intentions. Explore castles, tame monsters, build your army, and become the one and only legendary commander.

[h3]Greetings Fellow Gamers![/h3] We're thrilled to introduce "[b]Warkestra[/b]", a ground-breaking action-strategy game that leverages advanced voice recognition and intent analysis via deep learning technology. This unique blend allows you, the player, to employ your keyboard, mouse, and, most excitingly, your voice to control the gameplay. Part of the thrill? You'll be able to resurrect defeated enemies and transform them into loyal minions, bravely adventuring through stages teeming with daunting monsters and epic bosses. To stay connected to [b]Warkestra[/b], and other deep learning games from our teams at [b]ReLU Games[/b], be sure to check our official website, and stay updated with our latest news on YouTube and Twitter: [list] [*] ReLU Games Website: [][/url] [*] Youtube: [url=][/url] [*] Twitter: [url=][/url] [/list] We're grateful for your interest in [b]Warkestra[/b] and can't wait to engage with you in this thrilling gaming experience. Let the games begin! [img][/img]