Improved replayability

Published by: Aryal

Important modifications have been made, the main goal being to favor the creation of the new character as well as to have a better delimitation of the progression of the characters. Adding content
  • Added 6 new main stats: Strength, dexterity, intelligence, Vitality, Energy, Experience bonus.
  • Addition of a secondary statistic: Experience multiplier.
  • When the player level up he can distribute 5 points in one of the statistics given above.
  • All fragments of Ortharion obtained are linked to the account.
  • All achievements for Ortharion fragments are linked to the account.
  • All tour de force successes are linked to the account.
  • To unlock in-game content you must, as before, have Ortharion fragments in addition to having an identical character level.
  • When the player has a lot of spells in his spell book he can now see them all with a scroll bar.
  • The diagonal animations have been improved.
  • The cost of the jump goes from 20 in endurance to 15.
  • All monsters gain 10% more experience.
  • You can cast your spells with 4 Ortharion fragments and the same level.
  • You unlock your spell ranks with 8 Ortharion fragments and the same level.
  • You unlock your talent tree with 10 Ortharion fragments and the same level. Each level up after level 10 earns you one talent point, as well as each fragment after 10 fragments obtained. For example if you have 50 Ortharion fragments when you create a new character, this means that you can directly spend 40 points in the talent tree at level 10.
  • You unlock your spell runes with 12 fragment and level 12.
  • First choice of classes 14 fragments and level 14.
  • Runes available with 16 fragment and level 16
  • Gem available with 18 fragments and 18 levels 18.
  • Epic possible with 20 fragments and level 20.
  • Legendary available with 25 fragment and level 25.
  • Second choice of classes with 40 fragments and level 40.
  • The damage and lives of monsters are increased, the change hardly affects the low level.
Bug fix
  • The player can no longer drag items into the seller window.
  • The hangout no longer appears at any time.
  • Neutral NPCs no longer take damage from your area spells and projectiles.
  • The red screen is recalculated correctly when loading a new zone.
  • The gunner, turret, arcane pet, thunder pet spells are temporarily unavailable.
  • Corrections of French texts.
  • The player in the mercenary camp area no longer reappears under the ground
  • Fixed some spell lights for the cave
  • Orientation for multi-projectiles depending on the target height.
  • When the market is improved, the NPCs of the lower levels are correctly removed.