Hotfix 1.1.4 (Steam Deck, Minus sign)

Against the Storm

A dark fantasy city builder where you must rebuild civilization in the face of apocalyptic rains. As the Queen’s Viceroy, lead humans, beavers, lizards, foxes, and harpies to reclaim the wilderness and secure a future for civilization's last survivors.

[h3][b]Greetings, Viceroys![/b][/h3] We just released a hotfix that deals with the issues you reported after yesterday's Update. We're grateful for your reports and thank you for your patience as we worked on resolving them! [b]Changelog:[/b] [list][*] Fixed a bug with missing minus signs in several remaining places (some negative resolve effects like Foul Taste, and some hostility reduction effects like Decryption). [*] Added information about the necessary upgrade level to order targets that require building upgrades (including Geyser Pump). [list][*] This is a temporary fix. In a future update, we will rewrite the objective text to be much clearer.[/list][*] Fixed a bug with double spaces before numbers in some descriptions. [*] (Steam Deck) Fixed a bug where the Right Trigger would stop working when using the trackpad (when playing with the official controller layout). [*] (Steam Deck) Fixed a bug where the controller pointer would disappear in the embarkation panel and citadel. [*] Fixed a bug where order objectives related to discovering dangerous and forbidden glades would have old glade icons.[/list] We wish you lots of fun and a fantastic day! [b]May the storm be gentle on you,[/b] Eremite Games [hr][/hr] [h2]Previous Updates[/h2]