Hotfix 1.1.10 (Destroy tool)

Against the Storm

A dark fantasy city builder where you must rebuild civilization in the face of apocalyptic rains. As the Queen’s Viceroy, lead humans, beavers, lizards, foxes, and harpies to reclaim the wilderness and secure a future for civilization's last survivors.

[h3]Greetings, Viceroys![/h3] Like a dungeon without loot, or a quest without rewards, what's a patch without its next-day hotfix? We just released one that deals with the issues you reported: [list][*] Fixed an issue with reversed Dangerous and Forbidden Glade icons in order objectives. [*] Fixed a bug where the destruction tool stopped working after being deactivated once. [*] Fixed a bug where building destruction was not possible if a building was already selected. [/list]Known issue: we had to reverse a fix for the front-facing arrow disappearing when clicking on a building twice as it caused other problems and we’ll need to take a bit more time to rework it. We’re grateful for your swift reports and feedback and wish you a fantastic weekend! [b]May the storm be gentle on you,[/b] Eremite Games [i]The current game version is 1.1.10. [/i] [hr][/hr] [h2]Previous Updates[/h2]