Hi-Fi RUSH – Photo Mode Update


Feel the beat as wannabe rockstar Chai and his ragtag team fight against an evil megacorp with raucous rhythm combat! From Tango Gameworks comes Hi-Fi RUSH, an all-new action game where the world syncs to the music.

This is one concert that allows flash photography! Today’s Hi-Fi RUSH update adds Photo Mode, allowing you to snap screenshots throughout your musical adventure. You can pause the action and pose Chai and his allies, then edit the scene with a medley of frames, filters, and camera effects to create the perfect picture! Read more details in our [url=https://bethesda.net/en/article/dzkqpzOmUOjT8yLVq0vfw/hi-fi-rush-photo-mode]Photo Mode Release guide[/url]! [img]{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/43542922/10509f0c74d4431f9ee48b07b3a915c75f806fa4.jpg[/img] This update also fixes issues some players may have been experiencing: [list] [*] Resolved “UE4 Fatal Error” caused by a specific shader setting [*] Resolved “UE4 Fatal Error” caused by Sound Device Enumerating Process [*] Fixed an issue where the game could freeze during the fight with the WA-ES-2 (Samurai Chef) in Track 10 [*] Fixed an issue where progress could be blocked in Track 10 when purchasing items from the store after answering Roquefort’s phone, exiting the level, then reloading the level. [*] Fixed an issue where the player cannot progress during the 808 battle in Track 12 [*] Fixed a bug where Chip slots might not accurately be reflected in game if purchased it from the store while having a in-progress save for Rhythm Tower, then loading the suspended Rhythm Tower save and exiting the run. [*] Stick and trigger dead zone calculation adjusted [*] QA-1MIL’s attack behavior has been adjusted [*] Some of Mimosa’s dialogue has been corrected (Spanish) [*] Fixed an issue where result data from Rhythm Tower would incorrectly influence “final result” Track data when Rhythm Tower is played while a checkpoint save exists for an ongoing Track. [*] Corrected incorrect results for the SPECTRA Rooms being displayed in the Final Results if players exited the game after auto-saving [*] Fixed an issue where players could get stuck in Track 11 if they were hit by the giant robot’s laser when using the magnet grapple [*] Fixed a bug where the player could continue to play after game over animation in Rekka fight [*] Adjusted an icon in the Training Room menu that can appear squished [*] Adjusted Holo Chai SP attack motion so Chai’s hand doesn’t look super weird [*] Adjusted screen during pause menu transition to prevent visual bugs [*] Adjusted VU-REV effects during the Rhythm Parry Attack for clarity [*] Adjusted the background during the battle with Rekka to remove visual bug when transitioning to cutscene [*] “Game over” explanation for recommending auto-action adjusted to not appear in inappropriate situations [*] Tracks 3 and 4, Zanzo’s programmers’ salary adjusted for inflation [/list]