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Songs of Conquest

Raise mighty armies, wield ancient magic and forge an empire. This turn-based strategy adventure game fuses strategic decision making, tactical combat and kingdom management.

[b]Greetings Wielders! [/b] Let’s start December by introducing our newest update! We never focus on just one thing but there has definitely been one or two focuses this last sprint. We are super proud to introduce gamepad support for Songs of Conquest, another step towards making sure you can play our game the way you want to! And Gamepad support means an even better Steam deck experience. We want to thank our friends and neighbors over at Bitwave who have been working side-to-side with our devs on this project. Making sure the game looks great on smaller screens, utilizing larger fonts, design choices, and UI. We are now eagerly awaiting your feedback for the Steam Deck experience as we get ready to resubmit the game to Valve for that elusive green check mark and a true verification!" [img]{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/40723472/4e2ae0df727e09963a6d603fa00e60bb4b6374c1.jpg[/img] [i]Now doesn’t this look cozy?[/i] But as some worked tirelessly on Gamepad others hunted down bugs reported by our fantastic community. We have also improved skills and starting troops of your favorite Wielders. More than a dozen of our brave commanders have had something altered, making sure that they are more varied. Be sure to delve deep into that changelog to learn all the new details. [img]{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/40723472/9959f9a996ddb91c94720a50d899209325102a1b.png[/img] [i]Some of the frogs really leaped on the opportunity. Others just croaked.[/i] The work on improving our menus and look n’ feel continues. We can reveal a faster, more fluid campaign menu, one that uses our faction-specific artwork to the fullest and with a new dotted line for you to follow when you embark on your next mission! [img]{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/40723472/8acc208702e0e9217fdb0cce7375c8caee0ee56c.gif[/img][i]Follow the path, Adventure awaits![/i] The work on our AI never ends and with this update. It has gotten better at splitting tasks and tactics amongst each other. Just like you might make sure that one of your Wielder mostly acts as a mule, ferrying troops to the front and making sure that your economy thrives, well so does the AI after this latest patch. It now makes sure its different Wielders fill different roles and purposes. [img]{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/40723472/0838d8157d818f1f5da8cb41d4da29b0787be9a2.png[/img] [i]This is one of the AI Mules, and you can tell she’s not meant to be at the frontline.[/i] We can’t wait to hear what you think about our latest update, so update Songs of Conquest now and experience it in a new way! Why don’t you bring your favorite controller with you if you're going to one of those festive parties that everyone seems to like? And while you are at it you should enjoy our new wintery Main Menu to get you in seasonal spirit. [img]{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/40723472/52c13798c98f3b3c42a9efa62a528efb97141cb2.png[/img] [i]Even the Cultists are getting into the festive spirit![/i] We love getting your feedback so make sure to leave a response or dive into the discussions here on Steam. The only reason we keep getting better is because of you, our awesome community that tells us how we can improve our game even more. Turn to Conquest everyone, and have a great day! [b]/Everyone at Lavapotion [/b] [url=]Twitter[/url] [url=]Discord[/url] [url=]Youtube[/url] [url=]Instagram[/url] [url=]Facebook[/url]