Gamepad and Steam Deck Feedback!

Songs of Conquest

Raise mighty armies, wield ancient magic and forge an empire. This turn-based strategy adventure game fuses strategic decision making, tactical combat and kingdom management.

[b]Greetings Wielders! [/b] We love feedback, it’s just the absolute best and our game is better with every update because of it. We are closing in on that sweet, sweet Steam deck and Gamepad support but we'd love some more input from users! So for those that can we'd love for you to try out how Songs of Conquest feels like from a different angle! [img]{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/40723472/36e4ed4cdcfc69126491c7ae42eb28028004fd28.png[/img][i]That text isn’t crooked, it’s just your imagination[/i] So who has been making sure this is possible? Well, it is our fantastic friends at Bitwave! They are the ones who have been doing the heavy lifting when it comes to making sure that our game feels just as awesome in your hands as it does from a good old classic PC Now you are probably wondering how you brave Wielder can join this esteemed crowd of testers. Well, our Bitwave expert has put together this very helpful [url=]GUIDE[/url] on how you can do just that! [img]{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/40723472/5450496fc735e1acc55042866a4cf10e95c0046a.jpg[/img][i]Even Snout Spout is helping! (Yes we’re old)[/i] So where do we want this awesome feedback? Well respond to his post, write in our pinned Steam discussions, or over our dedicated Gamepad feedback thread on Discord. We also accept strange puzzle boxes written in ancient languages. We look forward to your feedback and making sure that our beloved game feels just as good on a Steam deck or when you use any Gamepad from the comfort of your couch! Turn to Conquest everyone, and have a great day! /Everyone at Lavapotion [url=]Twitter[/url] [url=]Discord[/url] [url=]Youtube[/url] [url=]Instagram[/url] [url=]Facebook[/url]