Barony V3.3.3 - DLC Class Mixing, Editor Scripting, 16-Player Tests!

March 29, 2020 WALL OF JUSTICE Community Announcements
Update 01/04/20: Windows/Linux/Mac now all have the update!

Gameplay Changes:

All DLC owners can now unlock each Signature Class for use with any monster!
  • To unlock each Signature Class, earn the Steam Achievement for beating the game with the respective monster.
  • For example, earning the "Bony Baron" achievement as a Skeleton will unlock the Conjurer class to use with all monsters - such as a Goatman Conjurer!
  • Also - the "Use Previous Character" button on the character select screen now properly remembers your monster type and class!

16-Player Support!?

We've been quietly testing an experimental 16-player branch which we're now officially revealing - you can access this branch by going into Barony Steam properties -> Betas -> v3.3.3-16-player-support branch. The idea is to try support parties of 5 or 6, but the player cap itself is just a number - so we shot for 16! More testing and feedback is welcome if you have enough party members! This increased player-cap will remain in experimental branches - expect buggy UI, weird things happening and lack of balancing. It could also be used for custom maps or scenarios within the Editor.

Editor Changes and Scripting Support:

We're introducing the beginning of Scripting support for custom maps to help make new kinds of map experiences! Check out the Official Guide and accompanying Workshop Tutorial map to see what's new - it's simply way too much to cover in this post! Editor Sprite Additions/Changes:
  • Added 'Custom Exit' sprite - a variety of options can be set such as visual model, level name to exit to, level number to advance/decrease, secret or non-secret toggle.
  • 'Item' sprites can now have a quantity up to 99 (previously max 9).
  • 'Floor Decoration' sprites now have full 3d positioning, and can specify text to message players if they are interacted with. (E.g shop signs, flavour text on decorations.). Starting the text with # will insert "The sign says:" to the message text for a shortcut.
  • 'Monster' sprites can now specifically disable if a monster has an option to spawn as a miniboss (i.e disable Funny Bones if you have a bunch of custom skeletons on a map).
  • Chairs now have direction in life. (Rotation can be set in sprite properties.)
  • Tables can have rotation, chairs and item details set in properties.
  • 'Player Start' sprites can now specify a starting facing direction for players.
  • 'Door' sprites can now specify if a door can be locked or unlocked, and if it is openable by a lockpick or opening spell.
  • 'Gate' sprites can now specify if the gate can be opened by the opening spell (without the 'Disable Opening' Map Property being required to be set - useful for one-off special arena doors).
  • Added Chest 'type' 8 - specifically has nothing inside. Can be populated with scripting.
  • Added 'Sign' model for use with Floor Decoration sprites - model index 991.
  • Added 'Readable Book' sprite, able to specify item qualities and the name of the book to spawn in location. Can be used with modded books if loaded.
  • Added dummybot/sentrybot/spellbot/gyrobot monster sprites to be summoned in-world.
Note: Editor map internal version has been updated, maps made with this version are not backwards compatible! Editor Map Properties:
  • Added disable 'Herx messages' option to prevent Herx babbling in custom maps.
  • Added disable 'hunger loss' option to prevent hunger going down while on a map. Hunger can still increase if food is eaten - does not act as if the Hunger Server Flag was turned off. This lets players keep their server flag setting in situ without the map level adjusting it.

Custom Map Generation Changes:

  • Added 'noexit' paramter in levels.txt for 'gen:' maps, specifying 'noexit' e.g "gen: mine noexit secret%: 100" will not spawn a normal exit and spawn a secret exit always.

Misc Changes:

  • /rangermode command for players obtaining the 'Gudiparian Bazi' achievement. In multiplayer, the Server will need to type '/rangermode 1' or '/rangermode 2' to set the first/second client with the status, as hit detection is done on the server. This disables weapons hitting enemies, but weapons can still hit walls/doors/chests etc.
  • Using the word 'training/Training' in a monster's name counts as generic text, i.e 'Training Dummybot'.
  • Using square brackets []] in messages to players will highlight the text blue.


  • Fixed character sheet weight displaying wrong weight for quivers.
  • Fixed chat messages not being relayed to all clients in multiplayer.
  • Fixed feeding allies spoiled food making them hostile.
  • Fixed Skeletons/Automatons edge cases of receiving hunger from some potion effects and being able to ultimately vomit.
  • Fixed confusion potion causing the confused target to try retaliate - now is ignored.
  • Fixed rare chest crash if restarting the game while a chest was open.
  • Fixed character sheet rotation buttons unpressing themselves when the UI was zoomed in.
  • Fixed bottom message log and character sheet letting you click behind them instead of clicking the interface at high UI zooming.
  • Fixed Client multiplayer camera shake being smaller than the host camera shake on hit.
  • Fixed stacked beartraps awarding multiple amounts of XP on killing a monster. Now all beartraps will fire and the XP is awarded only once.
  • Fixed thrown Tinkering bombs not triggering pressure plates/traps in the world.
  • Fixed 'wall busting' such as in the Labyrinth levels not regenerating monster pathing.
  • Fixed pressing number keys with inventory and chatbox open assigning items to the hotbar, instead of only typing in the chatbox.
  • Fixed 'Read' item menu option of spellbook showing up in shop menus as it did not work as intended.
  • Fixed Tinkering sound effects sometimes only being played at the Server player instead of the Client that triggered the event.
  • Fixed light sources from monsters not disappearing for Client players on monster death (e.g gnomes with lanterns). Light sources now properly update on death.
  • Fixed a crash when casting spells in multiplayer.
Thanks Everyone!