Asleep 1.3.8 BETA Version is live!

Published Fri, 17 Mar 2023 19:53:43 GMT

[h2]Welcome to a new Asleep experience![/h2] -The inventory is now 9 slots limited, preventing items from being hidden and inaccessible. -The bug that occurred interacting at the end of the Demo has been fixed. -Shortcut command tips are now shown when acquiring the Flashlight and Maps in the game. -Some markings on the Map of the School were fixed, adding some new ones. -Some sound events added. -The text of documents is now adjustable preventing them from being incomplete. -The interaction with Mirrors is now more intuitive, including the Safe Place Mirror. -Some monologues had their time readjusted. -Vertical pixels appearing in some school scenes have been permanently fixed. -Various sprites were adjusted. That said, we are working on some new features based on your feedback and the experience of several streamers (your feedback is important, see?). They will be available only for the final version of the game. [img]{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/40318035/3b9908d3da7e225155d510454a5e1b067699ef61.jpg[/img] [h3]❤️Life and Sanity Meters and other indicators added to the HUD[/h3] We noticed a need to improve the importance of using items. Many players when taking damage from creatures, for example, did not feel sure when exactly to heal the wounds, so the gauges must give a better sense of what's going on with the character's HP and Sanity. Even though we prefer a cleaner HUD, we can't break your experience, right? Every item is important, even if some might be overlooked by the more experienced players! Also, we plan to add some shortcut indicators for Flashlight (F) and Map (M), as you can see in the image above. [h3]💾 Manual Save System[/h3] We want to deliver the most immersive experience possible, and we've noticed that Checkpoints do not match our game proposal, they take away important decision-making power from the player on how to proceed in the adventure, and the automatic save takes some of the tension away, leaving the player more "carefree". Despite this, the use of the Save will still be unlimited, and only contain a single Slot. [h3]🎮 Gamepad Friendly[/h3] It is currently possible to play 90% of the game through the Controller as well, however, we still need to deal with some improvements. Being originally a point-and-click, the game still needs to be thought out to be accessible for those who prefer to play through the gamepad (already thinking about a future port for other platforms too 👀 ). And it won't be a simple adaptation, because while playing through the Gamepad the cursor/pointer will not be accessible, but the player will be able to continue interacting directly with the elements of the scenario normally using an intelligent focus update system. [h3]Additional notes[/h3] Remembering that even though it is an integral part of the final version of the game, the new Demo/BETA will still undergo improvements in Level and Game Design. The final version will contain much more features, like events, items (mementos), new props, and even new NPCs. Therefore, you can expect a MUCH more complete game in the very final version! We are very excited and working hard on these and many other improvements!!! You don't lose by waiting! ❗ Obs.: If you have a game saved from the previous version, it may not work, and you will need to start a new game. Let us know if this happens! Black Hole Games