Adding content

Published by: Aryal

The goal of this update is to add slightly in game time, but especially in varieties of content to offer, whether on quests, areas to explore, new sets. About 2 hours of playing time are added compared to the already current version. The added content still requires a lot of work, especially the monsters who only have classic attacks, classic human voices. Adding content
  • Addition of 11 elementals.
  • Addition of 18 demons including 2 bosses.
  • Addition of 5 interior zones: Dungeon of the tops, catacomb of brigands of the plains, villa of Modd, villa of Manu, tower of mage of brigands of forests.
  • Added 5 achievements related to new enemies.
  • Better visibility in the caves.
  • More freedom on camera zooms.
  • The combat figures are more precise.
  • the terrain "The tops" is a level 8-12 zone instead of 8-10, all the other zones have been revised.
Bug fix
  • Teleporters on the "big road" area are no longer reversed.