Adding content

Published by: Aryal

A new update was added yesterday, the goal is to improve the content in game, including improvements on spells and epic items. Here are the changes made on the basis of the game :
  • Fixed a bug on the game launch
  • The teleporters are again usable and saved correctly.
  • A quest was added in the desert, the released character will then be present in the mercenary camp on an upcoming update.
  • Fixed a bug on the character creation window, the 3rd spell slot correctly shows the tooltip.
  • The projectiles recognize the slopes when they are created.
  • Added 2 mini bosses with successes related to them.
  • I removed access to the main menu from the game to avoid a bug, it should be fixed quickly.
Graphic effects have been added to indicate an interaction with the sets:
  • Red particles load a new terrain.
  • Green allows to change location on the current field.
  • Blue allows entry into a building.
  • Objects in yellow must be clicked to collect.
Improvement on objects : The structure of the code taking time to be created, a lot of set and spell on pieces of equipment can now be added much more easily. A great diversity in game will be brought back as the playing time is going to be increased.
  • Epic equipment can now have spell.
  • Epic gear can now have equipment set bonuses.
  • Epic equipment has a 80% chance to have a set of equipment bonus or spell. There is also a 8% chance of having both at the same time.
  • Spells can now be improved through runes once their rank improves.
  • 6 equipment spells have been added for the moment.
  • 1 set of set has been added.
  • 18 runes were added, mainly of normal and magic quality.