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Published by: Aryal

A lot of work was done on the lights of the spells that had to be completely redone indoors following the October 20th Patch. Tell me what you think when you arrive in the cave! Here is the list of all the changes made:
    <*> The forest of Granock is in place, the version is not final. <*> The cave of the Granock Forest is in place, the version is not final.
  • Skills that create a freezing effect let the target freeze time to indicate. A visual effect will be added soon.
  • The channeling powers are stopped when the player has no energy.
  • Additial merchant on the terrain"mercenary camp".
  • Fixed a bug on the player action bar during instance changes.
  • The tutorials have been changed.
  • Small change for Rotating attack, magic projectile.
The goal of the next patch, probably in 3 days, will be to improve the balancing as well as improve the enemies with new skills.