About the upcoming 12.01 Update [In-game Clock Rework]

Hero's Adventure: Road to Passion

Hero's Adventure:Road to Passion is a wuxia open-world RPG. You will commence your journey as an underdog in the tumultuous Martial World and will be met with a wide array of choices as you navigate your own heroic saga.

Hello, adventurers! We wanted to drop a quick note to let you know about our new patch that will be released very soon. In this update, we've added a fresh look for our main character and introduced a new intriguing "Goddess Temple Event." Alongside these additions, we've taken the opportunity to address a few issues that were impacting your gameplay. For all the details, check out the full patch notes below. [img]{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/42856625/2558f67e31c27a34df5754541d760043c3de103c.png[/img] Since our official launch, we've received valuable feedback from our English-speaking players, particularly regarding the in-game time system. We understand that it may have been a bit confusing, and for that, we sincerely apologize. In response, we've revamped the clock system to make it more player-friendly. Take a peek at the updated in-game clock/time compass and the accompanying tutorial: [img]{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/42856625/344357213963cde6e929fb5ca7920db88c17d92f.png[/img] If you run into any issues during your journey or you have any feedback, feel free to connect with us on our [url=https://discord.gg/bcX8pry8ZV]official Discord[/url] for assistance and to share your thoughts. We're committed to promptly addressing any concerns you may have. Thanks a bunch for your ongoing patience and support! Happy adventuring! 12-01 Update Patch Note: New Feature: [olist] [*] The protagonist now has a new illustration, which can be selected in the character creation menu. [*] Several sects have added new daily sect events, added new ways to acquire sect contributions. [*] Added the "Goddess Temple Event," can be triggered in the abandoned garden in the southwest region. [/olist] Adjustments: [olist] [*] Four times speed is now available in battles, and you can toggle it during combat. [*] Increased rewards for the "Nine Factions Sect" event to include Heaven Spirits Card. [*] Subjugating or exterminating Jiujiang Water Camp now grants Heaven Spirits Card. [*] Learning skills from Ling Hongxuan, Jiang Nanguai, and the Down-and-out wanderer in the Nameless Area now grants machinery ability experience. [*] The merchant in Swallow's Nest will sell keys for opening treasure chests. [*] Upon reaching Reputation Level 3, the clothing store owner in the city will gift the schematic for crafting Jianghu outfit. [*] Adjusted the recruitment conditions for Yu Weier and Gu Qingcheng: If Fu Yaoqin is in the party, you can also invite Yu Weier and Gu Qingcheng to join. [*] Adjusted the conditions for Yu Weier to acquire her bonding skill: Players will have to complete the "Rescue Yu Weier" event in the Jiuli Tribe for the event to trigger. [*] Enhanced the daily sect contribution rewards for Langya Sword Pavilion. [*] Adjusted the feature "Financial Prosperity"; its money bonus is now ineffective in the dice mini-game. [*] Adjusted the strength of the West Pass guards. [*] Certain items required for events can no longer be auctioned. [*] Adjusted the initial status of Cai Yuanchang and added the character states of Zhuge Divine Mechanism and Ding Hai Tang. [*] During the final battle, sect leaders with a relationship level of 80 won't become hostile to the protagonist. [*] Adjusted the reward for the "Business in Jiujiang Water Camp" event to martial arts enlightenment; the original reward "Asura Blade" can now be obtained in Waterfall Pond after defeating the Fu Bu Guard in Cloud Sea Cliff. [*] Accelerated the progress bar animation during martial arts enlightenment. [*] Optimized the time compass display in the English version. [/olist] Fixes: [olist] [*] Fixed an issue where after killing Yan Wuzhu in the Yan Army route, the narration inaccurately states the successful defense of Chuxiang City. [*] Fixed the problem with the description display of the tips for the books "Reverse the Universe" and "Unifying the Nine Factions" [*] Fixed an issue where players can not steal the prison key from the Centurion outside the Yan Army camp. [*] Fixed the problem where pets could continue to be fed even when there was insufficient food. [*] Fixed the issue where Yan Gexing would disappear under specific circumstances. [*] Fixed the display issue of the homestead after the death of the Poison Dragon. [*] Fixed the problem where in extreme situations, teammates unable to join the battle caused a freeze. [*] Fixed the issue where battle scenes on the world map did not disappear. [*] Fixed the problem in controller mode where the preset battle character selection interface did not close after a world map battle. [*] Fixed the issue after joining the Yan Gexing faction you can go to the Confucius Temple before triggering the event at the General's Mansion. [/olist]