2022 wrap up

Imperial Grace

Imperial Grace is a visual novel about romance, medieval intrigue, and political strategy. Will you rule with your head, or your heart?

Hello everyone! It’s been a rough end of year. Really rough, but some progress has been made! We are now at 148 700 words for the script only, 82% of the scenes are considered written and are awaiting proofreading. We also begin the programming, not the sprite part, but all the “logical part”, it involves a tooooons of variable since the game rely heavily on his choices and a lot of them requires to keep track on the long run. It’s a very important step, because we need to have a good global vision to make sure the game isn’t too hard or too easy. So yeah, a lot of sexy spreadsheet this month! Considering the progress, I am fairly confident the french version of the game will be done before the end of 2023, however, translation take a lot of time, especially since we have to wait for the french version to be perfect before starting the translation of a scene. Anyway, those considerations might delay the release at 2024 (especially since I worked too hard on the game to release Imperial Grace in November-December where there is a shit ton of AAA games to take all the visibility). I have a big announcement to make in January so stay tuned! As always, thank you for your patience and support, I hope you will have lovely winter celebrations with your friends or family and I wish everyone a happy new year! May 2023 be kinder than 2022. Ayael