0.75.00 Experimental Update. Save Slots, Bug Fixes and more!

December 3, 2020 spraycanmansam | Beam Team Games Community Announcements
Hey everyone,

A new experimental build (0.75.00) is up!

This build features new Save Slots, bug fixes, and polish. Save game data has moved from: %USERPROFILE%\\Documents\\Stranded Deep\\ to: %USERPROFILE%\\AppData\\LocalLow\\Beam Team Games\\Stranded Deep\\ The game will notify you and attempt to import your existing save data. If you experience any issues during the migration process, please see the guide for more information: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2265407307 Stay Alive! :: Beam Team --

New Features

- Added new Save Game Slots! ...including a new menu option to change the active slot. Save game data is no longer tied to a user id as some account services can run in offline mode with no user info available. Save game data is now stored in slot folders: Slot0, Slot1, etc.


- Changed Save Game location. - Removed GTA style loading game sequence. - Added ‘Day X’ screen when loading game. - Improved Furniture placement.

Bug Fixes

- Fixed P2 unable to navigate main menu controls in local co-op. - Fixed Main Menu showing previous user stats even when a save file was not loaded. - Fixed not being able to open the Pause Menu when operating vehicles. Please note this requires resetting input settings to ‘Defaults’. - Fixed Loading Screen changing color between Boot and Main Menu scene. - Fixed Leaderboards list not focusing active leaderboard button when scrolling. - Fixed Foliage Spawner losing track of player if travelling too fast. - Fixed Raft pieces causing existing Rafts to explode if crafting cancelled. - Fixed Rafts falling through other Rafts when crafting a new Raft piece. - Fixed Sea Anchor able to deploy when overturned. - Fixed Giant Grouper being caught in fishing trap. - Fixed small Fish clipping through players hands when held. - Fixed Crabs in inventory not loading back in dead pose. - Fixed not being able to place Water Bottles. - Fixed not being able to rotate some Craftables when placing, ie: Shelter, Furniture, etc. - Fixed being able to place Furniture inside the terrain. - Fixed Player arms being invisible when riding along in a Raft. - Fixed Player getting stuck on Shipwreck #4. - Fixed Watch not loading for a knocked-out player. - Fixed Torch halo/visual artefacts in local co-op.

Dev Notes

- Improved Foliage Spawner generation performance.