Temtem - Original Soundtrack

September 5, 2022
Windows Mac Linux

About the music

Original game soundtrack for "Temtem", a massively multiplayer creature-collection adventure developed by Crema.

Temtem’s original game soundtrack is a melodic journey through the adventures on the Airborne Archipelago.

A mixture of musical styles and flavors ranging from the chill and joyful orchestral sounds from Deniz to the most vivid and cheer-ish Celtic dances from Arbury, through the folk and peacefulness of Omninesia, the mysterious glassy mallets of Tucma, the warm drums and flutes of Kisiwa, and the modern-versus-traditional Asian tunes in Cipanku.

Discover the traditions of each isle through its instrumental palette and melodies, and vibe with the rhythms of the combat themes while you become the greatest Temtem tamer.