Temtem - Digital Artbook

September 5, 2022
Windows Mac Linux

About the dlc


With over 230 pages, this breathtaking art book will transport you to the magnificent Temtem universe. Get to know every corner of the Archipelago and its inhabitants through hundreds of art-concepts, as well as unpublished content and commentary from the original creators. A spectacular guide for all Temtem tamers.

  • Temtem is among the most acclaimed Spanish video games in the entire industry. A massive multiplayer world, where you can fight, trade and collect your Temtem with friends or on your own path.

  • This art book contains hundreds of original and previously unpublished illustrations of more than 160 Temtem, as well as the game´s environments and characters. All of them with descriptions and remarks directly from the Crema developers and artists.

  • This art book is the essential complement to start your adventure and become the wisest Temtem tamer.