Silent Sector

Release April 11th 2020

About the game

Silent Sector takes us to a distant part of the galaxy, where several factions fight each other over the profits in a new gold rush – in pursuit of an extraordinary valuable mineral called Eldorite.

The hero comes into this Wild West universe and very quickly loses both his ship and his property, so he must find a way how to repay the debt and take revenge against the admiral Zed. This truly miserable corner of the universe offers him a chance to try his luck and become either a successful merchant, rich miner, feared mercenary or a famous adventurer.

The main features:

  • Frenetic action battles
  • Randomly semi-generated space
  • Strong faction quests and storyline
  • Dozens of random quests and space events
  • More than 40 ships, tens of weapons and upgrades
  • Atmospheric soundtrack