Mist Slayer

Mist Slayer is an action Roguelite game. You are a time traveling hero, called to aid in a mystical war, and armed with unique weapons and skills. Face down amazing enemies in parallel universes, collecting various power-ups, and exploring as you go. Play alone or team up with friends.


Q: Is the game 'Always Online'? Can I play single player?

A: The game has a Single Player mode, and you can also team up with friends or match with other players. You can also switch to Offline Mode without any internet connection.

Q: Will the game be updated with more content in the future?

A: Yes! We are currently fully focused on optimizing the game's performance and combat experience, and fixing any issues found so far. There will be a major version update coming soon, and after that new characters, levels, and bosses will be added. Stay tuned!

Q: I've encountered some issues or bugs in the game, what should I do?

A: If you find any bugs or issues affecting your experience in the game, please email support@mojugames.com or contact us through the community and we'll help you resolve them promptly. We strive to provide the best service and gaming experience possible for every player.

4 characters with different combat styles: the balanced Buckler, ranged Archer, heavy hitting Claymore, and agile Assassin. Each has unique attacks and abilities as well as robust action mechanics like dodging, gurading, and parrying.

Powers system based on the five elements philosophy: Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, and Earth. These five attribute types have rock-paper-scissors relationships, and players can combine powers to form unique combat builds. Hundreds of Inscriptions add further variances to battles, some with tradeoffs. Matching different inscriptions can lead to unexpected synergies. Players can also obtain WeaponSeals that alter attack forms, adding more room for experimentation with powers andinscriptions.

Up to 4 player online Co-Op. Play with friends or use matchmaking to team up with random players. Special co-op tasks and items provide a more fun experience.

Unlock and upgrade new characters. Explore the mist world to discover even more new collections. Over 300 powers, runes,inscriptions, and weapon seals, as well as extensive character growth systems. Unlock various enhancements through repeated runs for easier and more exciting battles. The game also features abundant cosmetic skins and accessories for character customization.

Game Contents:
  • 4 different playable characters (more to be unlocked!)
  • 13 Levels with at least 36 random generated maps
  • 10+ Bosses and many different enemies
  • 300+ Powers, runes, items and enhanced abilities
  • Various customizable skins
  • We will keep updating more!