Miner's Mettle

Release February 26th 2020

About the game

Miner’s Mettle is a blend of artillery shooting and real time strategy! Four factions fight for supremacy on an uninhabitable mining planet. You must ensure that your faction not only survives but also secures a sizable cache of the miracle mineral, Pentum.

You will explore and survey harsh terrain for mineral deposits. Return to safety with the minerals, and you’ll be able to research and build exciting new technologies that will expand your tactical options against your competitors. This tech can be installed on your armed trains, allowing you to customize each one and fulfill different roles in your strategic plans.

• Innovative Blend: Unique game-play with a seamless mix of artillery shooting and real-time strategy
• Customizable Trains: Create your own variants of trains from a wide range of options, creating tactical strengths and weaknesses while specializing for a role
• Four distinct factions with different play styles
• Single player and Co-operative Horde Mode: Survive by yourself or with your online friends against a rising tide of enemies. Out shoot the incoming horde, or mine enough Pentum before you get overrun!
• Online Multiplayer: If your friends are less co-operative and more competitive, versus mode is where it’s at. Play from 1v1 to 3v3 on a variety of maps.