Into The Flames

Release May 26th 2020

About the game

Into The Flames is a third person / first person open world multiplayer firefighting game. Play with friends, and handle a variety of different emergencies in multiple environments. Drive fire trucks to scenes, force doors, and make grabs! How to handle each emergency will be completely up to the players, and every emergency will be different each time it is played. There will be multiple open world maps featuring big cities, rural areas, suburbs, airports, and much more. There will be multiple emergencies going on at a time, and will be up to the player to choose which ones to respond to. Even the routine fire alarm could turn into a raging building fire.

This game is mix of simulation, and arcade game play for a fun experience. Fire Spreads dynamically so every second counts, pull civilians from burning buildings, clean up oil spills, blow dangerous gases out of houses using fans, and lots of other emergencies. Use different firefighting tools to handle the emergencies featuring Axe, Halligan, Ladders, Positive Pressure Fan, and much more.