Dashing Dinosaurs & Sexy Centaurs: Winter's Tale

A 100% free adventure set in the North Pole, a few months before the holiday of Saturnalia. It is a time when all the hidden and magical creatures of world spread joy to humankind in the form of gifts and toys that seemingly randomly appear. Led by the High Fae, Klaus, this has been tradition for generations.

Until now.

With one week to go, Klaus has just up and left.... leaving the creatures of the North Pole in charge of getting everything ready. Where did they go? Why now? But most importantly: who will win the annual Best Hot Chocolate award? That's actually the least important question, we just wanted to put that in there.

Do you like sappy holiday movies? Well, now you're in one.


  • Manage a team of workers as you try to save the holiday season! It can either be a miracle or an absolute disaster. There's no middle ground here. One of the two. No pressure.
  • Interact with your toymaking crew over five weeks, with your actions deciding how that character is going to act come Saturnalia Eve!
  • Multiple characters to interact with and learn from! Solve problems within your group.... or cause them!
  • Explore visual novel, dating sim, comedy, and drama aspects! All in one package!
  • Will your actions save or doom Saturnalia?