Business Shark

Release August 1st 2020

About the game

Business Shark is a City Builder game. Your task will be to build the most developed city. You build a house in the city so that the inhabitants can move in, and as the number of inhabitants increases, you unlock new buildings. In addition to building housing, you also need to provide your residents with the items they need and provide stores where they can buy them. The more inhabitants there are in the city, the more resources you have to produce. Raw materials you produce in factories, some use only money for production, others use other resources. The more factories you build in the city, the higher their maintenance costs and pollution will affect the production of plants on your farms. In order to increase your income, you have to meet the needs of the inhabitants because the whole city lives on their taxes
The following functions have been implemented:
-Construction of buildings
-Unlocking buildings after reaching a certain number of hybrids
-Crafting items
-Increasing city maintenance costs along with building new factories
-More than 15 items
-More than 20 buildings to be built
-Reducing the maintenance of city costs along with increasing the satisfaction of residents with the products supplied to them
- Automatic movement of residents who go shopping and those who deliver from factories to other factories to stores