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Bhavacakra Maco

September 24, 2020

About the game

Bhavacakra Maco is set 20 years after events of Bhavacakra Grace.

Maco is a pretender to the title of Loche chieftain, a position that is officially recognized by Etonian royals. Not wanting to contest the title with her elder brother who is 11 years senior, she eventually chooses to leave her hometown behind, effectively disqualifying herself from succession.

In order to make a living, she joins Jack and Leona's guild.
And thus her adventure begins.

Features to highlight
  • 720p game resolution
  • Guild life: Choose which missions to take on. Also choose which members to take along. Get to know them and develop them. 20+ guild members to choose from. Each with their own stories.
  • A very large world: 5 nations with their own unique appearance.
  • Semi-open play: You don't have to follow the main plot once you go through early stage of the game.
  • Complex armor system: Don't expect an easy ride once you acquire good armors because all armors have a weakness.
  • Characters from Bhavacakra Grace are available in the game, obviously 20 years older.