Bells 'n' Whistles

Release June 30th 2020

About the game

Bells 'n' Whistles is a difficult point-and-click game that tests your ability to multitask. The goal of each level is to prevent a machine from breaking down. Each level has a unique circumstance that the machine must be in in order to shut it off successfully. Failing to maintain the machines many systems before it is shut down results in a game over. Are you up to the task?

WARNING: This game is made to be challenging. There are no truly "easy" levels, only levels that are easier than the hard levels. Some levels rigorously difficult to complete, but most are beatable. I say "most" because I have reserved a section of levels called "Exotic" levels. Unlike all other level difficulties, these levels will not be tested to see if they are able to be beaten. You have been warned. Let the rage ensue. Good luck.