Banzai Escape 2


Following the Amino Corp incidents,
a P.A.S.K.A.L operatives, Rokiahi are now on
the run to escape the area full of SPECTRE.
With the new help from her Captain, Benci, They manage to
escape by the plane but it were shot down soon after and survive.
Now they are trapped in the area with full of new enemies.
Something unexpected occur during their route to finding a
new means of escape.

Do they will figure it out while on the run..?


Play an Action + Third-Person + Puzzle game.
Graphics fully 3D with Anime themes plus Moe-ness.


  • Choose between two P.A.S.K.A.L operatives; Cpt. Benci or Rokiahi.

  • Fully control third-person view.

  • Puzzle Solving

  • Up-gradable weapons.

  • New enemy, LANUN.

  • New cute merchant trader.

  • Mod-ing capabilities

Banzai Escapeͭͫ 2 © Xenoaisam Studio