Release March 26th 2020

About the game

Maria is a young, hotheaded but insecure tango dancer. Just a few days ago she and Anton, the choreographer of her dance group, got closer, but she doesn't know what will become of it yet. During a rehearsal Maria loses her temper, after getting ridiculed by the other ensemble members. And Anton is not on her side either. While leaving the building she falls through a trapdoor into a cellar, where she encounters an old man who invites her into his basement apartment. He involves Maria in a conversation and lures her, unnoticed by her into a parallel world, where he can see her dreams and above all rob them of Maria in order to enjoy them himself later. But Maria is still depressed because of her arguments with Anton, she only has fears and nightmares, which makes the old man furious. To hell with her! He locks her in the cellar. Only when Maria faces her deepest fears is she able to escape.

Ballavita is a 360 virtual reality film inside an application that includes special features:
- audio commentary by the director and the director of photography
- original audio in German and English
- subtitles in German, English and Chinese