Welcome to the frozen world of «POSTFROST»!


Welcome to the frozen wasteland of our post-apocalyptic world! In this multiplayer game, you and your friends will have to work together to brave the harsh winter conditions and fight off dangerous enemies to survive.

[b]Survivors![/b] The release of the first trailer marked the beginning of a new phase of development for «POSTFROST». We're excited to start sharing new details about the upcoming game with you! Let's go! [b]«POSTFROST» is an MMO Survival RPG set in a frozen post-apocalyptic open world[/b] One day spring didn't come and the Earth was plunged into endless winter. Enough time has passed for humanity to adjust to living in the current conditions. Snow emissions, intermittently low temperatures, city-states. The goal of the game is to survive in extreme climatic conditions. The world remained the same, only people began to live by the rules of the Wild West. Over time, city-states were formed. Each city-state has unique resources that are economically beneficial to each other. Whether or not to believe the other survivors is up to you. The new world does not forgive mistakes. The player creates a unique character through customization, then enters the game world, where he will have to adapt to the low temperature conditions to survive and move on. In addition to the deadly cold, the player will encounter many dangers along the way. Motivation alone is not enough. It is necessary to explore the world and discover new opportunities that will ease your way and open new layers of character development. [b]Enter the harsh reality, survive in the multiplayer open world![/b] How can you make your life in this world easier? Call up a friend, of course. But keep in mind that in your company, a can of stew may be your last. Run missions and errands together, attack local bandits, hunt big game, and demonstrate how you've managed to dress and train your dog. Build your base together! [b]Right now, development is in its early stages, and the team is very enthusiastic![/b] Today we are working mainly on game mechanics and visual effects. We have already shown the first trailer, and you can see some of our open-world features and imagine the final result. But that's not all we want to do! [b]Subscribe to our Discord server and other social networks so you don't miss the next videos and news about the project:[/b] https://www.facebook.com/postfrostgame/ discord.gg/dbw79gPPSt/ https://twitter.com/PostfrostGame [b]How to support POSTFROST[/b] If you want to support «POSTFROST», you only need to do one thing: tell your friends about «POSTFROST» and add it to your wishlist! We will continue to share with you news about the development of our project, share the joy of creating it, and share our spirits with you! Thank you to all the players who like our project and support us! You can also support «POSTFROST» by sharing our links! [b]See you soon![/b]