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Welcome to the frozen wasteland of our post-apocalyptic world! In this multiplayer game, you and your friends will have to work together to brave the harsh winter conditions and fight off dangerous enemies to survive.

[b]The whole Earth plunged into an endless winter. Each day only got colder. [/b] People have no hope left. The government walled up in their bunkers. They knew there wasn't enough room for everyone. The remaining ones have only two options: freeze to death waiting for bunkers to open, or try to find food and shelter and wait out the cold to face tomorrow... [img]{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/43937787/14953a88bde7406bb9ca09d6f1ca5c8e5be69499.jpg[/img] [b]City-states have their own unique resources, as well as political views. [/b] They trade with each other to support the internal and external economy between the cities. Each city serves as a sanctuary for survivors to stay and rest. Not everyone is ready to let a stranger get inside. Some bunkers may be empty due to internal strikes or occupied by local bandit groups who hide from snow waves and low temperatures. Each community, like factions and government bunkers, has its own quest chains - for completing those you get rewards and reputation. High reputation opens up new possibilities such as unique items. Also after completing a chain of quests, you will have the opportunity to join one of the communities or factions. If you do that, you will not be welcome everywhere else, but new opportunities will open up - like new tasks and uniforms. [img]{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/43937787/1c03ea3341ff24a2c6ab06e6c9f666060fd6eb76.jpg[/img] [b]Temperature is one of the most important aspects in the new world. Its often changes make animals and people to constantly move and hide. [/b] Once in a cycle, a deadly snow wave occurs around the world, and the temperature reaches a deadly level. After the wave passes, the landscape of the animal habitat changes, new ice structures appear. The weather also effects on the characteristics of your protagonist. At any moment, from hypothermia, you can lose consciousness , increase a chance of getting diseases, or even die. [img]{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/43937787/22ef429d7c5418c23fad241c85a1c5b8aeaa2410.jpg[/img] [b]At the beginning of the game, when choosing a class, the player will have a difficult choice of obtaining a certain skill - after that you will be more adapted to a narrowly focused craft. [/b] The state of the character directly affects his ability to shoot and move. You will have to face illnesses, fractures, hypothermia, and monitor sleep. That's when crafting will be very helpful. Also, the player will have the opportunity to cook a variety of dishes in times of cold hunger. Extensive crafting will allow the player not only to find already made things, but also to create new ones - clothes, weapons, equipment and much more that will help your character survive in the harsh reality. Moving through the snowy expanses is difficult and dangerous - find sleds, skis, ice-boats to speed up your movement with the help of your companion. [img]{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/43937787/c02591f899be80b218a50c1cce56d0edb0922bfe.jpg[/img] [b]Your character has a moral compass that jumps from side to side based on the choices you make during exploring of the game world or completing local and global quests. [/b] Locally, this will only affect certain chain of events surrounding your character. Globally it can change the attitude towards you by some communities. [img]{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/43937787/18db2566dfb51f1b7a8c855b4951124a4e3a77c0.jpg[/img] [b]After creating a character, the player is offered to choose a type of dog companion. Each pet has different classes and skills - it depends on the breed of your four-legged friend. [/b] There are 5 main types of dog breeds: combat, cargo, sled, hunting, multipurpose. That means your dog will have a predisposition to execute certain commands from you in order to achieve a better result. The status of your companion's characteristics is visually reflected on it. When her health is low - she begins to limp. When she is hungry - start barking and has uncontrolled behavior. When she is freezing - whine, rushing around the player. Each dog can be equipped with the player's stuff and wear expansion pouches. Such things can only be created by searching for resources and crafting. [img]{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/43937787/e1e475f7f6654a775fdf24f4b57cf3fb3bd79c6d.png[/img] [b]That's it for today! We hope you are very excited for our game! Because we are![/b] Don't forget to follow our social media accounts to learn more about "POSTFROST" [b]See you soon![/b]