Weekly Dev Update - May 22/20

Published by: Norsfell

Hey Vikings, Happy Friday! β˜€οΈ We've been busy wrapping up some features this week, and starting to fix any issues that pop up while we test them out. This week, we're working on... Characters: 😱 Animating new Helthing πŸ„ Animating new NPC 😈 Conceptualizing Trolls πŸ’₯ Creating VFX for new Creatures πŸ‘» Implementing new Helthing Equipment: πŸ”ͺ Creating VFX for new Weapon Spells πŸ’€ Implementing new Armor set Environment: πŸ—ΊοΈ Conceptualizing Biome Decorations ❄️ Modeling + Texturing Large Glacier Camp πŸŒ„ Modeling + Texturing World Props Other: πŸ“ Researching Giants + Events πŸ”§ Fixing Issues with Game Over, Creatures & Sound 🏹 Implementing Dead Loot Arrow in Mini Map Did you know you can chop trees with weapon spells? We're adding in quite a few new spells! But for a bit of a throwback, here's one you might've seen before, the Lightning Strike, which also doubles as a tree-chopper: One last thing: Do you think the new Helthing will be big or small? Take a guess, you'll be seeing it in the future! Have a great weekend!