VN Maker - Update to STABLE branch!

June 22, 2022 Kentou Community Announcements
Hello everyone, The stable branch of Visual Novel Maker has been updated with the current Beta v1.0.1111 build! We are extremely thankful for your patience. As always, please make a backup of your project before migrating to the latest version! Because a migration cannot be undone. If you wish to stay on previous version, please make sure to select the "v1101" branch in Steam if you haven't already. To switch a version, right click Visual Novel Maker in Steam and select Properties. Then navigate to BETAs tab and select v1101 if you really wish to stay on that version. If you downgrade, please make sure to read the FAQ about clearing VN Maker's cache files below. If you get an error message after migration when launching your game, go into Script Editor and make sure the Main script is at the bottom. Also, please make sure to read our new FAQ to avoid issues with upgrade/downgrading or any other common issues: You can also find help and support through our Discord Channel: Below we summarize again the changes from the latest BETA update v1111.

Moving from NW.js to Electron

With this new update, we moved the game engine's runtime from NW.js to Electron for better startup time, memory usage, performance and Apple M1/Big Sur+ support. That means in the rare event that your project uses any NW.js specific commands or extensions, those might not work anymore and you need to look for Electron specific commands/extensions instead. Also, if you choose to store your game settings and save data in App Data, on Windows it will now be stored under AppData/Roaming instead of AppData/Local.

Linux Ubuntu 22 64-Bit Support (Experimental)

Since issues running the VN Maker Editor with latest BETA on Linux Ubuntu have been reported, with this update, it should run smoothly again on Ubuntu 22 64-Bit with 3D Acceleration enabled and correct graphics drivers installed. However, we still flag this as experimental for now until we got more feedback.


- Apple M1/Big Sur+ support added - Linux Ubuntu 22 64-Bit support added for the Editor (Experimental) - Horizontal Text Alignment options for added (Centering text now possible) - Input Blocker commands added (see command) to make it much easier to block mouse and keyboard input to create modal in-game popup windows/menus. - Live2D Parameter command now supports variables for the parameter name and value. - now supports variables for text - now supports variables for minutes and seconds - FIXED: Choice Timer broken - FIXED: Fullscreen/Window settings in Settings Menu are sometimes out of sync (e.g. Fullscreen is used if is Windowed has been set before). - FIXED: Audio related memory issues - FIXED: Memory issues with Common Events - FIXED: Under rare circumstances, local variables of called Common Events can contain values from other Common Events. - FIXED: Auto-Parallel Common Events might be duplicated after loading a save game and then do a command. - FIXED: If and then is used to store in a number variable, the stored value is the number but as text which doesn't allow proper calculations on it anymore. - FIXED: with multiple lines of text cuts off the last line. - FIXED: Image Maps cannot display images stored within subfolders (only Graphics/Pictures). - FIXED: Add Hotspot cannot display images stored within subfolders (only Graphics/Pictures). - FIXED: / Animation Editor cannot display images stored within subfolders outside of Graphics/Pictures. - FIXED: - doesn't store the full file path. - FIXED: - only accepts a file name within its current older and no full file path. - FIXED: Live2D Motions, if looped, have a tiny delay between loops. - FIXED: Live2D Join Scene can cause a short lag if a character joins the first time. - FIXED: Under rare circumstances, it can happen that the talking/lip-sync animation of characters is not triggered anymore even if a voice has been set. - FIXED: Sometimes, the thumbnail for save games is black/transparent. - FIXED: Sometimes if a save game is loaded, graphical glitches/shadows appear for a short moment before the entire scene is visible. - FIXED: Custom mouse cursor goes back to normal if moved to the right or bottom area of the screen. - FIXED: creates empty backlog entries - FIXED: works very inconsistently - FIXED: doesn't restore Screen settings immediately - FIXED: from within a called scene doesn't work anymore after save/load (e.g. choices do not work anymore) - FIXED: Screen Settings not saving correctly - FIXED: Vertical text alignment is a bit off depending on web-browser / NW.js / Electron version. - FIXED: Backlog doesn't begin at the bottom. (NOTE: If you have any customizations for backlog in the scripts, that fix might have no affect) - FIXED: Encryption can cause black screen. - FIXED: Color Panel shows an empty window unless double clicked - FIXED: In Language Configuration, "Refresh Texts" context menu option doesn't pick up texts in Call Common Event text parameters. (This now works only for newly added Call Common Event commands and only if the new "Localizable" checkbox inside the Common Event Parameter setup is checked) - FIXED: After Refresh Text -> Processing Data Window doesn't disappear We hope to make many users happy with this new update! Happy VN Making! We are waiting for your feedback!