Version 1.0.1

February 23, 2017 Soverance Community Announcements
Whew!  The last few days has been interesting! First, a HUGE thanks to everyone who purchased a copy of Ethereal Legends on launch day and took the time to play my game or tell me about their experience.  I truly value your opinions and feedback, and I want to incorporate more of it into Ethereal to make this the best game I can. This is a real quick update to address a couple issues I noticed from players after the first few post-release gameplay videos started coming out.  First, I noticed that some players had severe performance issues, so they immediately went into the options menu and starting tinkering with video settings.  While nearly all of them worked, the resolution settings were misconfigured, and since that was the first thing they all tried, it didn't leave a great impression. The game defaulted to "Fullscreen Borderless", which is a mode that doesn't seem to recognize realtime resolution changes, and so players would mess with the resolution settings and they would appear to not work.  I've fixed up the video settings to avoid all this, and it should now be a much improved experience. The second thing these players would do was just wander around, not knowing where to go.  They spent a good while figuring out how to initiate the tutorial quest simply because they started walking in the wrong direction.  Since the objective is ultimately to enter the Portal, I figured that having the Portal explode on the main menu when you hit "New Game" would be enough to draw the player's attention and make them want to head towards the Portal.  I was obviously wrong... because the Portal explodes, then the player ends up immediately kicking a chicken, after which they get distracted and wander right past the Gatekeeper and off into an area where nothing else exists.  I'll admit, it's bad game design... it's just something I didn't recognize until I watched those videos.  In a vain attempt to quickly fix this, I've simply moved the player start directly in front of the Gatekeeper.  He should be near impossible to miss now, and will hopefully become the very first thing most new players interact with. I'm listening to all of the complaints about the overall performance, and I'm working hard to make things smoother and bring down the minimum system requirements.  I've also heard concerns about the map's size in contrast to the character's walking speed, and I'm keeping an eye on where that discussion leads.  I'm waiting for more people to get Haste and the movement speed leg armors before making any decisions, because I think it's less of an issue once you're moving quickly.  Arcadia is the starting area, and the largest in the game.  For what it's worth, the map was built so large because I initially wanted to have a lot more content in this area, split into sections which would unlock as you progressed and completed the Portal Realms.  I still want to put all that stuff in the game, so I don't want to resize the map just yet if I don't have to! In the meantime, I hope these small fixes will help improve the new player experience!

Ethereal Version Update 1.0.1