Valentine’s Day Sale!

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Celebrate with us and get Ferret Scoundrels for 75% off on Steam for a limited time. In addition to our sale there will also be Valentine’s Day themed cosmetics that can be unlocked for your ferrets and ships for the next week. Sail with caution, you don’t want some scoundrel to come and steal your heart. Read the secret love story behind the creation of Ferret Scoundrels as written by the programmer himself, and get a behind the scenes look at why we created this game. Click here to read more We have also uploaded Patch v 0.2.1
  • In this patch we have added tons of updated art assets which have brought all of the islands up to the new standards for the game Before: After:
  • We also have added a new aiming indicator to your ship when you have a combat flag up. This will help you see which set of cannons on your ship will fire.
  • We added several new functionalities the quest editor including camera and AI controls.