v0.20.33 - Banners, AI, progression polish and improvements

Published by: Fair

To get this update, you have to opt in inside your library: Necesse -> Properties -> Betas -> Select 0.20.x in dropdown. It's recommended to back up your saves when playing on the experimental version. Especially when loading a save using a newer version. You can do so in-game on the load menu. A quick reminder that there's an official Discord server, where you can post suggestions, bugs, or just talk with other players and the developer. Here's the invite link: https://discord.gg/FAFgrKD This weeks update includes a few new items and animations, a lot of updated AI and some improvements and polish to the progression. Banners are a new type of item that gives buffs to you and teammates around you when you hold them in your hand. They use a new mechanic added to the game where your character looks like you're holding an item. There's currently only one and I'm still figuring out the balance of them, but I think they'll create some interesting gameplay, whether you use them to support your teammates or run around while your summons attacks. Other than that there are a bunch of fixes and improvements especially to the AI. Since I've started to use the new behaviour tree system, the AI is smoother and reacts quicker. See a full changelog below.



Added ability for items to show when players are holding them. Added animation for holding a torch in hand. Added rain sound effect. Added weather volume setting. By default, it's very faint. Added Banner Of Speed item, using new hold item mechanic. Crafted at Demonic Workstation or better.


Cursor size is now dynamic and can be bigger than the default size. Reduced spawns of giant cave spiders and cave moles slightly. Cave moles now have a light spawn threshold on par with other cave mobs. Zombie archers will now drop a small number of arrows. Cave Zombies and Goblins now have a small chance to drop a Mysterious Portal if you haven't killed Evils Protector yet. Reworked pathfinding, increasing performance, especially when moving long distances. Settlers/human mobs now use the new AI system, making them much more consistent. Settlers/human mobs will now always attack hostile mobs unless they're staying inside at night (guards excluded). Pirate Captain now drops the deep ladder instead of spawning it. Reworked and optimized entity/mob rendering slightly. Improved AI movement, making it less likely to get stuck. Summons/pets/mounts now use the new AI system, making them much smoother and more responsive. Crops will now weave when they get hit. You will no longer drop your dragging item when trying to interact with something. Increased damage by many early mobs slightly. Updated a few items broker values that were out of proportion.


Fixed tutorial text not showing log item icon. Fixed crafting station setting getting reset seemingly at random. Fixed issue with Vampires and Cave Moles kept moving around when they shouldn't. Fixed errors when using rope on animals. Fixed issue when crafting where it prioritises the wrong inventories first (like nearby inventory crafting). Fixed issue when trying to set desired settler, but the room is not being updated. Fixed dragging item not being rendered when inventory is not visible. And a bunch of other smaller changes and fixes. You might have to restart Steam to get the update.