DreamScapes Dimensions

A free to play, medieval fantasy, MMORPG. Pre-Alpha | Solo Indie | Versatile Character Creation | Tutorial Quests | Harvesting and Crafting | Skills and Spells | Player Building | Procedurally Generated Random Adventures | Daily Gifts

1) Changed doors so they are now interacted with by a mouse click 2) Decreased cast time for priest cure spells 3) Fixed login issues if a tool is equiped on the saved character 4) When harvesting resources the best tool is now used 5) Changed follower and pet resurrect cost to be 10 gold per level 6) Crafted potions now stack properly when added to the potion inventory 7) Doubled the damage dealt by pets and followers 8) Items can now be added or removed from storage with a single click 9) Summoning followers and pets now takes time and prevents multi summoning 10) Fixed wall light crafting