Update - release date

Published by: Aryal

I confirm that the release date of the final version will be postponed. I do not give a date at the moment, I will wait to have a completely finished version. I would therefore make a final announcement for the date of the game will be postponed by 15 days. So I guess a total of 2 to 3 months is possible at the moment, 1 to 2 months late. Here's basically what I have to do:
  • Added side quests with all dialogs.
  • Improvement of spells, be it visuals, sounds, balance as well as their number.
  • Added equipment with special powers for more variation in gameplay.
  • Improved almost all the bosses, they are all in place now, as well as the successes, but many of them are only health point bags.
  • Increased diversity of enemies.
  • Destructible chest, lootable corpses.
  • Addition of success in hardcore mode.
  • New decor for the last zones with new interior zones.
  • Consumables that allow you to withdraw statistics and talent points.
  • Performance improvement.
  • The arena.
  • Procedural dungeon.
  • The list doesn't stop there, but these are the biggest items.