Update for better English translation

Murders on the Yangtze River

"Murders on Yangtze River" is an Ace Attorney-like detective game that takes you on a journey through early 20th century China as you solve a series of intriguing cases. Use your logical reasoning and deduction skills to uncover clues, interrogate suspects, and solve the mysteries.

Dear players, We're excited to announce a new update today, thanks to the invaluable feedback we've received from many of you. Over the past week, we've been dedicated to enhancing the English version of the game in the following ways: [b]Correcting and refining English names for all characters: [/b]We understand the importance of accurate and immersive character names, so we've taken the time to ensure that every character's name is appropriately translated and reflects their identity within the game. [b]Addressing translation issues: [/b] Polish sentences and wordings. [b]Changing language default settings: [/b]If your operating system language is not Chinese (simplified or traditional), the game's default language will be English. Furthermore, we've included a brief conversation at the end of Chapter 5. This conversation provides clearer insight into the circumstances surrounding Shen Po-an's demise, offering players a more comprehensive understanding of the storyline. We hope these updates enhance your gaming experience, and we're grateful for your continued support and feedback as we strive to make our game even better.