Trails of Cold Steel III is Coming to PC!

The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III

Experience an epic story developed across three titles, and crafted for new and old fans alike. Also includes an interactive introduction to catch up new players to the ongoing story so anyone can dive right in to the world of Trails of Cold Steel.

[img]{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/36616022/06f3d01976824c2247baf21690d19705b158542e.jpg[/img] Prepare for battle! [i][b]The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III[/b][/i] is coming to PC on March 23, 2020! This port is packed with various improvements and new features, including: [i][list] [*] Ultrawide screen support [*] Fully customizable key bindings [*] Enhanced visuals [*] Additional High-Speed Mode Options (now up to 6x faster) [*] Auto-Save functionality [/list][/i] Check out the [url=][u]announcement trailer[/u][/url] for more information about the new features, as well as DLC items that will be available in-game at launch! You can also visit our [url=]Steam®[/url] page to put this game on your wishlist!