Trails of Cold Steel III Demo Update 1.01

The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III

Experience an epic story developed across three titles, and crafted for new and old fans alike. Also includes an interactive introduction to catch up new players to the ongoing story so anyone can dive right in to the world of Trails of Cold Steel.

Hi everyone! I hope you are enjoying the demo for Trails of Cold Steel III on Steam. We just released a minor update which makes the following improvements: [list] [*]Added an FXAA anti-aliasing option. This gives you a more performance-efficient choice for anti-aliasing in addition to the previously available MSAA modes. [*] Fixed an issue which could cause the background music to be interrupted or stop playing in some scenes on some systems. [*] Fixed an issue where a required dependency was not being installed, preventing the game from launching on some systems. [/list] I've also seen some questions regarding demo save files which I'd like to answer here. [b]Yes[/b], your progress in the demo carries over to the full game! You will be able to pick up exactly where you left off. - Durante