October 13, 2021 Infiland Community Announcements

Demo Release

Today, we released the demo of the steam version of The Colorful Creature! This gives people a chance to see some of the features in the full game! Oh and also, this demo is NOT Beta 1.6.2, aka gamejolt/ versions. Instead, the demo is combined with the steam version so I don't have to make two different instances of the same game. That's the power of if-else! Oh yeah, let's get onto what the demo has:

Demo Features:

- World 1 and World 2 is available - Difficulty 1 and 2 Challenges are available - Hardmode, Endless Run, Local Multiplayer, Online Leaderboards, Custom Levels are not available - You can buy most hats - You can get some skins - Level Editor is available but with limited features (No loading/saving, no fog, limited music, no naming, no description, no custom backgrounds, stars, thumbnails, no backgrounds or liquids and no publishing) - Removed the Load button for maingame (to avoid exploits) Hopefully this will be enough for the player who hasn't played the full version yet to choose whenever or not to buy the game. Regardless, have fun!