Patch v. 1.0.11982

Published by: PollyWahn

v. 1.0.11982

The elves may have gone home for the season but them workers at Mirage are still busy working on Little Big Workshop! Today we're releasing a mini-patch of sorts, filled with a couple of tweaks, important fixes and a new fancy feature for users with new Razer keyboards...

Chroma Support

If you have a Razer keyboard with Chroma support, your keyboard will now flash with happy colors and show gameplay information while you're playing. It's going to be impossible to miss the fact that your factory is heading for bankruptcy with this thing turned on. Tweaks
  • Added Razer Chroma support (make sure you have the latest drivers installed).
  • Added delimiters to improve readability of high numbers on several UIs.
  • Added translations for all Achievements on Steam.
  • Large Wheel Rim can now be placed inside a shelf.
  • Fixed an issue causing builders to be permanently stuck inside a freshly modified room.
  • Fixed an issue causing workers and haulers to get stuck when retrieving objects from a truck.
  • Fixed an issue causing Carny Plant not to be assembled properly.
  • Fixed an issue causing corrupt save game screen to appear incorrectly.
  • Fixed an issue causing objects to get stuck in machines when Scrap Container was disassembled or sold.
  • Fixed an issue causing Advanced Circle saw to get stuck.
  • Fixed a missing text in planning mode during tutorial.
  • Fixed an issue causing Catapults to always be guaranteed in the Medium market category. (apologies to the Cult of Catapult worshipers in our community, but it had to be fixed!)